Matheus Seabra
Matheus Seabra


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Professional experience

Software Engineer

FineTune Learning | 2019 - Present

Working with the innovation team, collaborating with PO's, Designers and QA engineers helping to deliver the vision for their main product FineTune Writing. Implemented a norming and calibration modules, used React, GraphQL and Python/Django to develop the product on both ends, helping the company to scale the product up to thousands of students in the U.S k-12 system.

    Frontend Developer

    Vibe | 2018 - 2019

    Vibe is a software development house that specializes in delivering enterprise software solutions. Implemented the new web app experience of a private bank client in Brazil, used Angular 7 and TypeScript to implement it. Bank's customers were delighted with the end result.

      Frontend Developer

      Acception | 2017 - 2018

      Helped the company to build a better invoicing experience to large public-company clients's franchisees. Led a re-design of their client-side architecture and layout from legacy technology using Java Server Faces (JSF) to a modern stack using React. Client was happy with the new feel of experience after the project was lauched.

        Software Developer

        IT Proex | 2016 - 2017

        IT Proex fulfills the role of developing a University Extension Policy in order to deepen the discussion about extension as a social and university project and government and public policies.

          Co-founder & Full-stack Developer

          Castle Dev | 2014 - 2016

          Castle Dev was a digital agency startup with the mission to offer customized web development and social media management services for small businesses looking to build their digital presence online and manage technology to reach broader audiences and offer better products and services.

            Software Developer

            Equilibrium Web | 2013 - 2014

            Led a successful refactor of the UI layout and client-side legacy architecture from jQuery to a modern frontend architecture built with React. Clients were delighted with the end result.

              Education & certifications

              GoStack Bootcamp

              Rocketseat | 2020

              FullStack JavaScript Development

              Treehouse | 2018

              Bachelor Degree in Information Systems

              Federal University of Pará | 2013 - 2017

              Skills & technologies

              User Interface Design

              A great User Interface to a large extent influences user decision-making. UI/UX is all about telling a story and using elements to guide users through that story.

              • Wireframing
              • Adobe XD
              • Figma
              • Information Architecture
              • Sitemaps

              Client-side Development

              Load-time has never been more important. After 3 of seconds of waiting, users are leaving the website. That is why a performance-driven approach to client-side development is essential to reduce bundle size and optmize user engagement.

              • HTML 5
              • CSS 3, Sass
              • JavaScript (ES6+)
              • TypeScript
              • Next.js
              • React, Redux
              • Vue.js
              • Babel
              • Webpack
              • Third-party API Integration
              • Performance Optmization
              • SEO

              Server-side Development

              Writing production-ready web servers that are performant, maintanable and scalable, following best design patterns for API and micro-service design.

              • Node.js
              • Python
              • PostgreSQL
              • MongoDB
              • GraphQL
              • Web Sockets
              • Redis
              • Sentry
              • JWT, Auth0, Cors

              Testing, CI/CD & Deployment

              Testing-Driven Development (TDD) along with Continuous Integration/Deployment (CI/CD) reduces the number of bugs released during development, making it critical to ship effective applications to production.

              • Pytest
              • Jest
              • Cypress
              • CircleCI
              • GitHub Actions
              • Docker
              • Amazon Web Services
              • Vercel
              • Linux
              • Git